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Company Formation in DIAC

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Company Formation in (DIAC)

Welcome to Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)

At Prodigy Corporate Services, we take pride in providing comprehensive business setup solutions in Dubai, UAE. As a trusted partner, we understand the importance of fostering growth and development in key sectors, including education. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), a thriving hub of academic excellence and innovation.

DIAC, strategically located in the heart of Dubai, is the world’s largest free zone dedicated to higher education. It serves as a dynamic ecosystem where leading educational institutions, cutting-edge research centers, and innovative startups converge. By being part of this vibrant community, Prodigy Corporate Services aims to facilitate seamless business setup experiences for academic institutions and related entities.

With our extensive expertise and knowledge of the local business landscape, Prodigy Corporate Services can guide you through the process of establishing your presence in DIAC. Our dedicated team of professionals offers a wide range of tailored services, including company formation, licensing, visa processing, and corporate governance, ensuring that you can focus on your core educational initiatives.

Dubai International Academic City provides an exceptional platform for academic institutions and businesses to thrive. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technology facilities, and collaborative environment foster innovation and knowledge exchange. By aligning your organization with DIAC, you gain access to a diverse talent pool, cutting-edge research opportunities, and partnerships that can drive your educational initiatives to new heights.

At Prodigy Corporate Services, we understand the unique requirements and challenges of setting up and operating within DIAC. With our in-depth understanding of local regulations, procedures, and best practices, we can streamline the business setup process, enabling you to establish a strong presence in this prestigious academic hub efficiently and effectively.

Whether you are an educational institution, research center, or a company offering educational services, Prodigy Corporate Services is your trusted partner for business setup in DIAC. Our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and attention to detail set us apart, making us the ideal choice for your business expansion goals.

Join hands with Prodigy Corporate Services and discover the endless opportunities that Dubai International Academic City has to offer. Together, let’s shape the future of education and contribute to the growth of this remarkable academic community.

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What Is The Process Of Registering A Company In Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)?

The process of registering a company in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) typically involves the following steps:

  • Business Plan: Start by preparing a comprehensive business plan outlining your company’s objectives, activities, and proposed structure. This plan will serve as a foundation for your registration process.
  • Choosing a Legal Form: Select the appropriate legal form for your company, considering factors such as ownership structure, liability, and business activities. DIAC offers various legal forms, including Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), Branch Office, and Freelancer Permit, among others.
  • Application Submission: Submit your application for company registration to DIAC. You will need to provide all the necessary documents and forms, including the completed application form, business plan, passport copies of shareholders and directors, and relevant educational credentials if applicable.
  • Name Approval: DIAC will review your proposed company name for compliance and availability. Ensure that the name aligns with DIAC’s guidelines and regulations and reflects the nature of your business. If approved, you will receive a name reservation certificate.
  • Licensing: Upon receiving name approval, proceed with obtaining the necessary licenses for your company. The specific licenses required will depend on the nature of your business activities. For educational institutions, you may need an Education Services License or Academic Support Services License, among others.
  • Lease Agreement: Secure a physical office space within DIAC. You will need to sign a lease agreement with DIAC’s leasing department or an authorized property provider. The office space should align with the requirements of your chosen legal form.
  • Payment and Documentation: Pay the required fees for company registration, licensing, and office space lease. Gather all the necessary documents, including the lease agreement, and submit them to DIAC.
  • Company Formation: Once all the documents and fees are submitted and verified, DIAC will issue the necessary approvals and provide you with a company formation certificate, license, and related documents.
  • Visa Processing: If you require residency visas for company shareholders, directors, or employees, you can initiate the visa application process. This typically involves medical tests, Emirates ID registration, and visa stamping.

It is important to note that the exact process and requirements may vary based on the specific legal form and business activities. Working with a reputable business setup company like Prodigy Corporate Services can help ensure a smooth registration process, as they can provide guidance, handle documentation, and navigate the necessary procedures on your behalf.

What Are The Documents Required To Register A Company In Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)?

To register a company in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), the following documents are typically required:

  • Application Form: Completed application form for company registration in DIAC.
  • Business Plan: A detailed business plan outlining your company’s objectives, activities, and proposed structure.
  • Passport Copies: Passport copies of shareholders, directors, and authorised signatories. The passport copies should be clear and valid.
  • Visa Page Copy: Copy of the visa page (if applicable) for each shareholder, director, and authorised signatory.
  • Personal Profile: Personal profile or curriculum vitae (CV) for each shareholder, director, and authorised signatory. This document should highlight their educational qualifications and relevant experience.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): NOC from the current sponsor for individuals transferring from another UAE company or cancelling their UAE residence visa.
  • Educational Credentials: Educational credentials, such as degree certificates or diplomas, for educational institutions and related businesses.
  • Trade Name Reservation Certificate: If you have already reserved a trade name, provide the trade name reservation certificate issued by DIAC.
  • Lease Agreement: A copy of the signed lease agreement for the office space within DIAC.
  • Bank Reference Letter: A bank reference letter issued by the shareholders’ or directors’ banks, attesting to their good financial standing and relationship with the bank.
  • Undertaking Letter: An undertaking letter from the shareholders, directors, or authorized signatories, stating their commitment to comply with DIAC regulations and laws.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA): For companies establishing a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), the MOA should be prepared and signed by all shareholders.

Please note that the specific document requirements may vary depending on the legal form and nature of your business activities. It’s essential to consult with DIAC’s official website or a reputable business setup company like Prodigy Corporate Services for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding document requirements for company registration in DIAC.

Benefits Of Registering A Company In Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)

Registering a company in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) offers several benefits that contribute to its appeal as a business destination. Here are some key benefits of establishing a company in DIAC:

  • Dedicated Academic Hub: DIAC is the world’s largest free zone dedicated to higher education and research. By registering your company in DIAC, you become part of a thriving academic community with access to leading educational institutions, research centers, and innovative startups. This provides opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and access to a pool of talented individuals.
  • Free Zone Advantages: DIAC operates as a free zone, offering several advantages for businesses. These include 100% foreign ownership, exemption from personal and corporate income taxes, full repatriation of profits, and no currency restrictions. Such benefits create a favorable business environment and facilitate growth and expansion opportunities.
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: DIAC offers modern and world-class infrastructure specifically designed to cater to the needs of academic institutions and related businesses. It provides state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology infrastructure, and specialized amenities that enhance operational efficiency and support educational initiatives.
  • Strategic Location: Situated in the heart of Dubai, DIAC benefits from its strategic location, offering proximity to key business hubs, transportation networks, and major attractions. It provides easy access to Dubai’s international airports, seaports, and other free zones, facilitating global connectivity and trade opportunities.
  • Supportive Business Services: DIAC provides comprehensive business support services to facilitate the setup and operations of companies. This includes streamlined administrative processes, efficient licensing procedures, and dedicated government entities that ensure a smooth and hassle-free business setup experience.
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