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Mainland Licenses in Dubai, UAE


Types Of Mainland License In Dubai, UAE

Professional In the case of a professional licence, an expat partner must possess one hundred percent of the company's shares, and a citizen of the UAE must be nominated to the role of Local Service Agent. Acquiring the licence allows for the provision of non-physical services such as consultancy.
Commercial This licence is available for acquisition by businesses engaged in any kind of commercial trade activity. In order to conduct commercial activities in Dubai in a secure manner, both ordinary and specialised traders are required to obtain the appropriate licence.
Industrial Companies in Dubai that convert raw materials or natural resources into other finished goods or engage in any other sort of manufacturing activity are the only ones eligible to receive an industrial licence in the emirate.
Tourism Dubai offers three primary classifications of licences for businesses involved in the tourist industry. These are the travel agency licence as an operator of inbound tourism, the travel agency licence as an operator of outward tourism, and the travel agency licence as a travel agent.
Ecommerce Dubai has emerged as a thriving hub for e-commerce, with its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and supportive business environment. An e-commerce license enables you to tap into this lucrative market and reach customers not only in Dubai but also across the UAE.
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