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Professional License in Dubai, UAE

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What is Professional License in Dubai, UAE?

A Professional License in Dubai, UAE is required for individuals or companies engaged in providing professional services, such as legal, accounting, consulting, engineering, and other similar services. This type of license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai and is designed to ensure that professionals meet certain standards and qualifications.

A Professional License in Dubai, UAE allows individuals or companies to offer their professional services to clients in Dubai, UAE. It is important to note that a Professional License does not allow individuals or companies to engage in commercial activities or trade in goods.

Applicant must meet certain requirements

  1. Educational qualifications: The applicant must have the necessary educational qualifications related to the professional service they intend to offer.
  2. Professional experience: The applicant must have a certain level of professional experience in the field they intend to offer services.
  3. Legal status: The applicant must have a valid residency visa and work permit to apply for a Professional License.
  4. Insurance: The applicant must have adequate professional liability insurance coverage.

What are the activities included in Professional License?

A professional license in Dubai, UAE, is issued to individuals who offer professional services, such as consultancy, accounting, legal, engineering, and medical services. Some examples of activities that can be included in a professional license are:

  1. Accounting and auditing services
  2. Legal services
  3. Engineering consultancy services
  4. Architecture and design services
  5. Medical and healthcare services
  6. IT and software development services
  7. Marketing and advertising services
  8. Management consultancy services
  9. HR consultancy services
  10. Education and training services

It’s important to note that the activities allowed under a professional license may vary depending on the specific authority and regulations in the jurisdiction where the business is being set up. Additionally, the license requirements and procedures may vary based on the service type and other factors. It’s always recommended to consult with a professional business setup company or a legal consultant to ensure that you apply for the appropriate business license and activities.

Process of obtaining a Professional License in Dubai, UAE

  1. Choose a legal structure: The applicant must decide on the legal structure of their business. This can be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a limited liability company.
  2. Trade name reservation: The applicant must reserve a trade name for their business with the DED.
  3. Apply for a Professional License: The applicant must submit their application for a Professional License to the DED along with the required documents.
  4. Approval and issuance: Once the application is approved, the applicant must pay the license fees and collect their Professional License.

Documents required for a Professional License application in Dubai, UAE

  1. Passport copies of the applicant and partners (if applicable)
  2. Visa copies of the applicant and partners (if applicable)
  3. Educational certificates
  4. Professional experience certificates
  5. Business plan
  6. No-objection certificate from current employer (if applicable)
  7. Proof of professional liability insurance

Advantages of Professional License in Dubai, UAE

A professional license in Dubai, UAE offers several advantages to individuals looking to establish a business in the region. Some of the key advantages are:

  1. 100% ownership: Unlike other types of licenses, a professional license allows 100% foreign ownership, which means that the business owner can have complete control over the company without the need for a local sponsor.
  2. Tax benefits: One of the major advantages of having a professional license in Dubai is the tax benefits. Businesses with a professional license are exempted from corporate and personal income taxes, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs.
  3. Easy setup: The process of setting up a professional license in Dubai is relatively straightforward and can be completed within a few days. This is because there are no additional requirements such as office space or employee visas.
  4. Flexibility: A professional license in Dubai allows entrepreneurs to engage in a wide range of activities and services, from consulting and legal services to accounting and engineering.
  5. Reputation: Dubai is known for its high standards of professionalism and ethical practices, which can enhance the reputation of businesses with a professional license.

Overall, a professional license in Dubai, UAE provides entrepreneurs with a flexible and cost-effective way to establish their business in the region while enjoying several advantages that can help them succeed.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a Professional License holder can hire employees, but the number of employees will depend on the size of the business and the nature of the professional services offered.